Describe to me your day to day life as an intern at Wolfram. Did you have flexibility in your schedule?

Daily schedules of Wolfram employees are very flexible. They generally have a lot of work to do, but the deadlines are not very tense. You can choose when to go to office and when to leave, you just need to fill your 40 hours/week. Usually the managers are also fine with WFH. The research is usua...
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Describe the work-life balance for interns at Wolfram.

The work-life balance at Wolfram is great for interns. The HR frequently organizes some events for interns. Teams are often hanging out after work, and people are nice and friendly, you can definitely make some friends during your internship.
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What's the best approach to doing well for my a Student Ambassador interview with Wolfram?

You should highlight your ability to quickly learn new platforms and your ability to teach others. If you have any previous teaching assistant experience, definitely mention it. Also mention any communities that you are a part of and how you will be able to collaborate wolfram events with these c...
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Do Wolfram Student Ambassadors get compensated, or any perks for their service?

Student ambassadors do not receive any monetary compensation. They receive free access to all wolfram platforms, for example to wolfram alpha pro. They also receive free wolfram swag to give out during any events they want to organize and a free wolfram textbook. Personally, I found this experien...
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