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Finary Growth Ambassador (Internship)

Finary launched our Growth Ambassador Program in Fall, 2022, with the goal of working with students who truly aligned with our Vision!

What is Finary:
  • Finary is a community-based brokerage platform, like if Discord and Robinhood had a baby! Our platform is set up in a way that promotes community and education. Although Finary's shell may resemble Discord, with the channel-like structure, it is the financial integrations that gives us the competitive edge. Fully equipped with fundamental and technical financial integrations such as: portfolio sharing, past trade logs, stock comparisons, TradingView integrations and a Fully Functioning Brokerage, Finary is ready to introduce our platform to universities across the nation.

What is your Role:
As a Finary Ambassador your job is to have a virtual and physical footprint.
Virtual Footprint:
  • We want ALL Finary ambassadors to know and love our platform as much as we do! Ideally we want you to create your own Finary group for all of your referrals to join so that they can feel welcome from the moment they join the platform. If you don't feel comfortable leading a community, than we'd love to see you join pre-existing communities so you can learn along with the rest of us!
Physical Footprint:
  • We want you promoting our platform to your student body, on campus! We will provide you with the essentials, such as a table, banner, flyers, and tons of swag to hand out, all you have to do is get us sign ups!! Another great way to get involved is by putting us in contact with other campus organizations such as Investing Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities, as well as any other Org. that you think would benefit from having their own Finary Server!

How are you Compensated:
Monetary Compensation:
  • As an Ambassador you will receive $15 per funded brokerage account you acquire through your referral code
  • Ambassador Leaderboard: Finary hosts weekly and monthly leaderboards for their ambassadors. If you find yourself at the top at the end of any given week / month, you will in Amazon & Visa giftcards, Airpods, Apple Watches, Game Consoles (Nintendo Swtich, Xbox, PS5), Theraguns, VR headsets and a TON more!
  • Paid per Event: We understand that Tabling is a hassle and often times not worth your time, which is why we want to pay you on an hourly basis ANY time you want to go out and table!
Work Experience:
  • Finary is a small startup located in the heart of Manhattan. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get real life marketing experience, working alongside a company that is actively going through the different stages of fundraising.
  • Finary is looking for a Summer Growth intern to come work with us in our New York Office! We will be hand selecting from our Growth Ambassadors!