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Northwoods Ecology Intern

Position Description:
Educate NABC visitors about Northwoods wildlife, black bears, and our small animals by conducting programs for visitors. This position will be responsible for all aspects of small animal care including but not limited to: maintaining clean enclosures, feedings, food logging, food prep, enrichment activities, handling, and guest interaction. You will also be responsible for handling the small animals and managing interactions between the animals and guests. This position will require giving visitors information on local flora and fauna. Some additional research on local wildlife may be required to effectively lead a program. You will assist in bear care when necessary, but the main focus of this internship is Northwoods ecology. Additional and miscellaneous duties as assigned. College Credit for Internship: We are happy to work with a college advisor so interns can receive credit for this program, if requested prior to beginning the internship.

Expectations for all Interns:
1.) Represent the NABC in a positive manner with member, donors, visitors, vendors, and the community.
2.) Uphold the Mission Statement of the North American Bear Center.
3.) Interact effectively with a diverse group of staff, interns, volunteers and visitors.
4.) Follow and adhere to all safety protocols and guidelines.
5.) Arrive to work on time and strictly adhere to the NABC dress code.
6.) Learn and follow all NABC protocol.
7.) Maintain up-to-date knowledge on boreal ecology, biology, wildlife, and our captive small animals. 8.) Maintain up-to-date knowledge on our Ambassador Bears and black bear biology.
9.) Work 45 to 50 hours (sometimes more) per week including weekends and holidays.
10.) Continued learning of all information at the NABC.
11.) Good observation, judgment, and problem solving skills
12.) Be reliable and motivated.
13.) Successful completion of NABC training course.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
1.) Conduct small animal care by: feeding, documenting diet and behavior, enclosure cleaning and maintenance, handling for and with guests.
2.) Engage our guests in conversation, answer questions, and help direct them to info and exhibits within the NABC.
3.) Lead and assist in programing for our guests in a professional manner by guiding tours, Q & A sessions, online broadcasts, and other programs.
4.) When necessary, assist in maintaining the exhibit hall areas so that they are clean and presentable to guests.
5.) When necessary, assist in captive black bear care by: feeding, food preparation, maintaining and executing feeding schedule, documenting diet and behavior, enclosure maintenance, and other caretaker procedures.
6.) Research and utilize relative Minnesota flora and fauna to enhance your knowledge and to heighten your ability to educate others.
7.) Create and present a program, exhibit, or display to improve the North American Bear Center (to be completed over the course of the entire internship).
8.) Daily closing business procedures.
9.) Learn all the information at the NABC and

Required Abilities/Skills-
• Work under supervision • Stand for long periods • Lift 50 pounds
• Navigate efficiently over uneven ground
• Improvise, adapt, and overcome to new and unforeseen situations.
• Able to get along with people that are different than yourself
• Able to work and live with others • Strong communication skills
• Able to conduct yourself in a professional and mature manner in the workplace
Required Personal Traits-
• At least 18 years of age • Fluent in English language • Willing to work in pairs and teams • Willingness to learn • Comfortable working with diverse groups of people
• Eagerness and willingness to learn new information

Also Required
• Valid driver’s license
• Social Security Number
• Direct deposit information