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Global Private Banking Internship - Summer 2023

Global Private Banking Internship

For: College students graduating in 2024
Duration: 10 weeks
Areas: Global Private Banking
Start date: June 2022

  • Must not require work authorization now or in future - including OPT and F-1 visa
  • Must graduate between Dec 2023 - June 2024
  • Must have at least a 3.2 GPA

Our Global Private Banking Internship is located within our Wealth and Personal Banking global business. This internship can help you think about your careers options in Wealth by giving you a taste for life in roles such as a Relationship Manager Analyst, Associate Investment Counsellor, Credit Advisory Analyst or Product Specialist.


During our competitively paid internship, you will take part in practical and interpersonal skills training, while getting to know how our Private Banking business operates. It'll give you a good idea of what life could be like as a graduate at HSBC, and beyond.

What you can expect

You can expect to build an international network and broad knowledge of our product offering while getting exposure to our diverse, high net-worth client base. It is a fast-paced, dynamic and competitive atmosphere, so getting involved wherever you can will give you the insight you need to help you decide whether a career in Private Banking is right for you.
You will also see how the business works closely with other areas of HSBC, including our Commercial Banking, and Global Banking & Markets businesses. This will help you to build relationships with people who are willing to pass on knowledge and make your experience even more beneficial to your career.

What you will do

No matter what degree discipline you are studying, we will provide you with work that will introduce you to the world of Private Banking. Here, you will gain an understanding of wealth management strategies, explore the Private Banking portfolio, and learn to build relationships with clients and colleagues by working closely with our Senior Management teams.

Who does this suit?

We are looking for those who are:
  • Curious learners. Our internship is all about immersing yourself in what we have to offer. We encourage you to learn and listen as much as you can in order to build relationships based on mutual respect. This will not only help you to understand what we do, but will help you on your way to become an expert in it too
  • Flexible team players. Our business is international and you will be working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. You should adapt your style to different people and environments in a professional, considered and constructive manner, forming strategies to help you find better ways of doing things together
  • Confident advisers. You will start your learning journey on how to advise clients and businesses on what is best for them. We will support you in building the expertise to meet clients’ needs. But ultimately, you take ownership over what you learn
  • Patient listeners. In Global Private Banking, gaining the knowledge, experience and understanding to be able to succeed takes time. You will work with senior professionals to see how you can progress at your own pace

Breakdown of Hiring Process:

There are four stages to our application process: Application form, Online Immersive Assessment (OIA), Job Description (JS), and Super Day (Final Interview). 

  • Application form: Request basic information to begin the process, including candidates name, email, phone number, university, and resume. At this stage, it will also ask the candidates if they pass the essential criteria to apply (minimum 3.2 GPA, will not require a visa, and graduating the correct year). 

  • Online Immersive Assessment: This is a video-delivered assessment with a series of behavioral and cognitive questions to complete. All candidates receive a personalized feedback report, almost like a personality test once, whether they were successful or not. Successful candidates are invited to the next stage.

  • Job Simulator: The Job Simulation is an exercise using video enriched interaction with three assessment components: critical judgment, behavior, and written communication against real role challenges. The Job Simulator is specific to the business area the candidate applied to and will give the candidate a bit of insight into the role. There is a video recording portion where we recommend candidates to have a quiet room to complete it and dress appropriately. Students who pass with section will have the opportunity to be invited to a Super Day based on their assessment scores and resume.

  • Super Day: The Super Day allows candidates to interact more with the business and other candidates. For the Fall 2022 recruitment season this will be complete virtually through Zoom. There are two main components to a Super Day, the micro exercises and the interviews. The micro exercises comprise of four separate exercises that focus on problem-solving and the candidates' thought process. The candidates record their video responses, and an assessor on the back end will evaluate. After micro exercises, the candidates will complete two interviews: strength-based and motivational/technical interviews. These interviews will be completed with 1-2 assessors who will score the interns on their responses.