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Interdisciplinary Research Intern

This is a writing intensive internship that exists to improve public access to and understanding of clinical research, theory, and practice in psychiatry and clinical psychology. The internship accomplishes this goal by publishing long-form journalistic research produced by its interns, under the supervision and mentorship of experienced researchers. Click here to access our informational internship flyer.

Who should apply?
  • This internship may be a good fit for both graduate students and high-achieving undergraduate students with an interest in becoming non-fiction writers, science or healthcare journalists, psychiatrists, psychologists, or psychotherapists, as well as those with an interest in becoming scholars or researchers with a focus on meta-science.
  • We accept applications from students regardless of major, understanding that it is the diversity of perspectives and skills that enrich our interdisciplinary internship program.
  • Note that while no previous experience or coursework in Journalism/English/etc. or Psychology/Neuroscience/etc. is required, it would strengthen an application.
  • Our ideal applicant will demonstrate outstanding writing ability as evidenced by the sample of written work they provide and good communication skills as evidenced in their interview.
  • We will be looking for evidence of writing ability in an applicants transcript, including good marks on courses taken in English, Journalism, and the Humanities.
  • We will also be looking also for high marks on content-specific coursework related to what the applicant is wanting to focus on in their internship.

What is involved in the internship?
  • The bulk of the work for the research internship is in science and healthcare journalism.
  • You will work under the guidance of your mentor/supervisor conducting interviews with both clinical researchers and behavioral healthcare providers, writing summaries of research papers, and working toward writing an encyclopedia entry on a topic you choose in collaboration with your supervisor.
  • Some interns, if timing and interests line up, may have the opportunity to work as a research assistant on a scholarly, qualitative, or quantitative research project conducted by one of our staff.
  • Some exceptional interns may have the opportunity to gain experience designing, carrying out, and writing up their own scholarship or research on or related to anxiety, or some other aspect of mental health, under mentorship and supervision.

What resources do you provide?
Seattle Anxiety Specialists provides everything needed for a successful internship, including:
  1. Professional training that is relevant to the internship.
  2. Regular meetings with a mentor and/or supervisor.
  3. Access to office space where you can carry out your work.
  4. Use of professional email, phone, and fax service.
  5. Use of computers and other tech as needed.
  6. Use of office supplies as needed.
  7. Access to our kitchen, including complimentary coffee and tea, as well as ability to use our microwave, refrigerator, and so on.
  8. Use of our staff library and ability to request new texts as needed.

Can this internship be conducted remotely?
Yes. The research internship can be conducted remotely.

Is there a deadline for applications?
No. The research internship accepts applications on a rolling basis.

How long is the research internship?
We offer internship opportunities of variable durations. When applying, indicate your duration of interest, as well as approximate start and end dates, for consideration by the program director.

How many hours per week will I be expected to work?
We expect interns to work at least 10 hours per week on average, with some weeks being less due to other obligations (e.g., finals) and other weeks more due to fewer obligations (e.g., during the summer).
If a student commits to being with us for a full year or more, or is otherwise an exceptional applicant, we can be more flexible in terms of weekly workload – especially in order to accommodate an otherwise onerous schedule of obligations.
Check with your school's Internship Coordinator BEFORE accepting the hiring offer to determine if this position satisfies the criteria for receiving academic credit.

How to apply?
To apply for the research internship please send cover letter, resume/CV, copy of coursework transcript, two writing samples and contact information for two references (at least one academic reference) to our Research Director, Jennifer Ghahari, PhD.
  • Email: