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Strength and Conditioning Intern

Internship Experience
         As an intern at TBT Training, you will be provided with the opportunity to develop practical skills and knowledge within the sports training environment by shadowing, assisting, practicing, and being assigned solo projects.
Each intern will be given the opportunity to assist our trainers and coaches with the details that pertain to the entire training process. This includes experience in areas such as marketing/advertising, individualized program design, corrective exercises/movements and client relationship building. Interns will learn the unique challenges that working with each group of clients brings, from little league players up to professional athletes.
At TBT Training we promise to make the internship a challenging, enjoyable, fun and fulfilling experience by investing the time and resources into the successful development of our interns.
·      Be on time, professional and courteous
·      Be coachable and be able to take feedback and constructive guidance
·      Have a customer service mindset
·      Have suitable writing and verbal skills
·      Have basic computer knowledge
·      Have a background in exercise science, sports management, or anatomy and physiology
·      Be available to work 15-40 hours a week
·      Be a role model for the athletes to model from
·      Possess a foundation of knowledge pertaining to proper exercise form and technique.
·      Be courteous to athletes, parents and staff.
·      Be responsible for contributing to the maintenance and cleanliness of the facility.
Respect and follow company guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Internship Roles and Tasks
Fitness Instructor
       As a fitness instructor, interns will learn the ins and outs of a profession in strength and conditioning. They will shadow current trainers on the floor and get hands on experience to better understand how the human body moves and how to properly select exercises for a diverse group of individuals. Interns will learn how to conduct a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) with the assistance of a certified trainer to assess athletes imbalances, tightness, weakness and strengths. They will then use this screen to help the trainer plan the appropriate warm-up, mobility, strength and core work for the athlete.
Fitness Instructor Experience
FMS Assessment
·      Learn the basics behind movement
·      Learn how to distinguish incorrect movement patterns
·      Determine physical weaknesses and limitations that negatively impact performance
Exercise Testing
·      Determine physical fitness level for proper program design
·      Take athletes through a series of physical tests to determine overall conditioning level
·      Conduct safe and appropriate assessments that pertain to overall health and fitness variables.
Program Design and Implementation
·      Learn when to properly implement exercises within a strength and conditioning program
·      Understand the proper form for each exercise implemented
·      Properly educate and inform clients on the correct exercise movements and form.
·      Learn why certain exercises are to be completed in a particular order to maximize efficiency
·      Take clients through a dynamic warm-up or individualized movement series
·      Assist clients and members that require supervision during equipment usage.
Operations Management
         Interns will also spend time with front line and management staff to learn the day to day operations of a busy strength and conditioning facility. They will use this time to hone their skills in customer service, software management, social media usage and marketing.
Operations Experience
·      Learn how to operate the digital software, MindBody that the company depends upon for daily operation.
·      Learn how to schedule, check-out sessions, sell packages and resolve issues using the software.
·      Gain familiarity with the TBT Strength specific app and it’s functions
·      Assist with the completion of administrative duties.
·      Help to develop creative and informative posts for social media.
·      Reach out to local coaches to offer them sessions at the facility and describe what makes TBT Strength different.
·      Create promotional material for sales, camps, teams and special events