Does anyone know if Bosch offers a mentorship program to its interns/entry-level employees?

Yes, but not every position belonged the program. Most people join the company for a fixed position without mentor. But for some positions which need rotation like JMP(Junior Management Program), MT(Management Trainee), the people on these positions they do have their own mentor. For me, I didn't...
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What is a day in the life of a Business Consulting Intern Bosch?

Get to work, finish up any reports/slide decks based on feedback from the end of the previous day. Grab coffee with intern friends, catch up on office while boss organizes and gives me new project. Spend the rest of the morning researching new project and asking more qualifying questions. Lunch w...
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What are the main qualities/experiences that I should focus on in an interview for a Business Development Manager position at Bosch?

- Driven/Work ethic - Competitive background and desire to win. Highlight sports and/or academic accolades. - Problem solving skills. Bringing printed examples will give you a great competitive edge.
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What should I expect to be compensated as a Business Development Manager at Bosch?

- Entry level business development and sales positions can expect base salary of $45-50K with bonus potential of an additional $20-40K. All outside sales positions include company vehicle and competitive benefits packages. - Experienced candidates and graduate students will have higher earning p...
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What skills do I need to be successful as a Bosch research intern?

I had background in building energy efficiency and HVAC experience as a mechanical engineer when applying for the position. There are specific requirements for BERN intern offered at different locations, but I think overall if you are interested in contributing to energy efficiency, renewable pro...
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What does it take to be successful at Bosch?

The ability to work in teams, and manage your role in a project start to finish. You will be apart of a team with multiple projects, being able to multitask priorities is crucial.
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Anyone have any tips for turning my internship at Bosch into a full-time offer?

Network, network, and did I mention network... Meet as many people as you can in your field of study, and build relationships with those people. Those are the people who will be your advocates when positions become available.
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What are the main qualities/experiences that I should focus on in an interview for a Engineering Intern position at Bosch Technical Center?

Highlight how your interests and experiences align with Bosch's work/products. Since Bosch is an automotive supplier, highlight your experience and interest in working with cars in your specific major, such as in autonomous software, circuit design, mechanics, etc. I think Bosch is especially han...
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Is there a training program for a engineering interns at Bosch??

At Bosch Rexroth, I spent half of my term in the lab and the other half in the office. In the lab, I worked on assembling, dissembling, and testing hydraulic valve stacks. I used various testing equipment and programs to measure the flow through the system. I also spent time reorganizing their to...
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What should I be expected for compensation as a Engineering Intern at Bosch Technical Center?

Compensation depends on your year and previous internship experience. The summer after my freshman year, my rate was $17/hr. As an upperclassman, you can expect more. No PTO, but paid holidays. No relocation/housing stipend
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