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Does anyone have personal insight into the culture at Adobe?

It is a very employee friendly company. One thing I really like about Adobe is the ease of changing career paths. You can change from a manager to an individual contributor anytime you want. The company even promotes internal team transfers.
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Anyone here have experience working at Adobe? How did it impact your professional growth?

 Working with Adobe Systems helped me to improve the skills I already had while also helping me grow in other areas such as presenting, teaching, and coordinating. I have always been a fan of Adobe software so this was an exciting and fulfilling opportunity.
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When comparing Adobe to others in the industry, how does the company stand out from competitors?

They are a world leader in all the products they make. They have recently started working on ML related product development which will help them grow further. They have great retention policies and they provide awesome perks to all the employees.
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Did you get upper management support while at Adobe?

Aside from weekly 1:1 meetings with my manager, I had limited support from the upper management. However, part of my job is to schedule meetings with all stakeholders (upper/lower/mid-management) to review their requirements and input on the solutions that I am working on.
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What is the compensation like at Adobe?

$25/hr plus housing stipend, free lunch, free airfare, commuting stipend (a lot of extra perks on the side)
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What does it take to be successful, especially as an intern, at Adobe?

Tenacity, adaptability, and being able to work as part of a team. I learned so much during my internship with Adobe, and much of that time was spent researching software and various concepts that I was not exposed to from my university classes. My project even changed multiple times before my sta...
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Tips for my interview to take on a QE developer position at Adobe?

While preparing for technical interviews by knowing your fundamentals and understanding algorithms, my experience with interviewing with Adobe was a little different from what you normally hear. I only had one 45 minute phone call with my manager, where he asked me about my experience in Computer...
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I secured an interview to become an Adobe brand ambassador! How can I best prepared going into this?

I prepared like any normal interview. I took practice interviews, researched Adobe's website extensively, practiced STARL questions. I also updated my resume, Linkedin, and Handshake as well. Also, I made sure to read over some case-study material as I heard some positions at Adobe required a Cas...
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What to expect during a day in the life of an Adobe brand ambassador?

You pretty much plan the material for your upcoming workshops. Additionally you should collaborate with peers at other universities to get ideas on how to make your workshops better.
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I am about to apply for an internship at Adobe as a business analytics major, but I don't know what to expect. I am a junior and I feel under qualified. Can anyone tell me from their experience if its normal to feel this way and what exactly should I be expecting?

Hey,I'm also considering applying to the program. In general, throughout my journey of applying and participating in internships, I almost always experience imposter syndrome. Please do not let that stop you! Your knowledge and experience will speak for itself, so try to challenge those limiting ...

What does a regular day look like for a student ambassador at Adobe?

So, in your university, it's mostly promoting Creative Cloud licensing but also what new apps could do to contribute to new designers. You'd do tabling, and go to talk to classes about the programs Adobe offered, but my favorite part was hosting workshops! You can plan really any design related w...
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How did your role at Adobe Systems contribute to the mission?

I've been fortunate enough to build out solutions that will be utilized by some of our top enterprise clients. Overall, I've felt that my work as a business analyst at Adobe will make a long-term impact on my teams' interaction between customers and will improve collaboration. Adobe's base rule f...
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